The Art of Psychic Kintsugi

It's hard recovering from a psychotic episode. It is essentially a total shipwreck of the mind, one that leaves you scrambling for whatever shore you can find, if there is one, in which case you flounder about in the ocean of your own subconscious for a while until you are hopefully rescued. To lose one's... Continue Reading →

Turn the Page

As has been the case since my initial manic episode/awakening in May 2018, I often think back on what I was doing a year ago or two years ago on any given day, and lately I'll go as far back as three years for comparison.  This is a useful exercise for someone who tends to... Continue Reading →

The Imagery of My Subconscious, part 1

Sometime during the Zombie Years, around 2013, I attempted to begin art journaling as a way to not only get some artistic expression going in my life, but also for its therapeutic value.  I had seen numerous friends and other people on the internet producing beautiful art and essentially administering self-therapy in the process.  I... Continue Reading →

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