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As has been the case since my initial manic episode/awakening in May 2018, I often think back on what I was doing a year ago or two years ago on any given day, and lately I'll go as far back as three years for comparison.  This is a useful exercise for someone who tends to... Continue Reading →

The Imagery of My Subconscious, part 3

After my hospitalizations, I did a lot of painting just to paint.  I also hate wasting paint, so I wound up doing a lot of texture exploration using paint that was still usable, but had thickened a little due to drying on the palette. An artist friend took note of what I was doing and... Continue Reading →

The Imagery of My Subconscious, part 1

Sometime during the Zombie Years, around 2013, I attempted to begin art journaling as a way to not only get some artistic expression going in my life, but also for its therapeutic value.  I had seen numerous friends and other people on the internet producing beautiful art and essentially administering self-therapy in the process.  I... Continue Reading →

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