Thank You, Old Me

It's been about four years since I began the process of "waking up": the tumultuous experience of being given new eyes and ears with which to experience the world, and in doing so, having your entire life change. It's been wonderful in some ways, frightening in others, and very painful in yet other ways. Waking... Continue Reading →

Looking Back to Move Forward

I got a coffee cup as a gift from my mother-in-law recently. It has the image of a long-necked bird facing backwards upon it called a sankofa, a word from Africa. It is meant to symbolize the fact that sometimes, in order to move forward in life, one must look backwards upon where one has... Continue Reading →

The Imagery of My Subconscious, part 1

Sometime during the Zombie Years, around 2013, I attempted to begin art journaling as a way to not only get some artistic expression going in my life, but also for its therapeutic value.  I had seen numerous friends and other people on the internet producing beautiful art and essentially administering self-therapy in the process.  I... Continue Reading →

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