The Lines That Divide

It is now just shy of 100 days until the next US Presidential Election. It seems like an eternity since the last one, when I sat on my bed in front of the TV, watching the returns on NBC, and shaking my head in disbelief as Trump's red bar slowly rose above Hillary's blue one.... Continue Reading →

Astrology and America

These are very strange times indeed in America, and this is reflected in the current astrology patterns. The planets from Jupiter out to Pluto are all in places where great change occurred the last time those planets were in those positions. We are currently experiencing a massive correction of imbalances that have been in place... Continue Reading →

The Imagery of My Subconscious, part 1

Sometime during the Zombie Years, around 2013, I attempted to begin art journaling as a way to not only get some artistic expression going in my life, but also for its therapeutic value.  I had seen numerous friends and other people on the internet producing beautiful art and essentially administering self-therapy in the process.  I... Continue Reading →

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